Thoughts about the last year

It has been a hard year. A good year. A really fun year. As I reflect on the fact that this time last year I was extremely pregnant and A WEEK overdue I cannot quite fathom how far we have come in a year.
This year I had two daughters learn to walk.
I watched as my big girl became a big sister.
I watched them both meet so many milestones.
And I've watch them become equals.
It is a bitter sweet journey to watch Shiloh so rapidly turn from baby to toddler. And to watch the mental gap between between the girls close.

It has been a hard year in our marriage. Adjusting from one to two has been harder that we both expected. Busy schedules, about a million life changes, and two girls to take care of. It has whipped our butts.  However- with all struggle and pain comes growth and strength.

We have learned to simplify. We have begun to keep a calendar so we can rest well.  We say no to things we can miss to make room for that which we cannot. We have learned to be strict in having rhythms of work and rest.
I go to work and joke with my managers that "I am an excellent nurse, but I only do the bare minimum when it comes to non-patient care (like I am not on committees, and I don't volunteer for anything extra) because truly- I am there just to make money for my family.
The days at home are long. But they are good. They are so good. Full of A big girl that is the most snuggly yet most whiney creature I have ever encountered. And her little sis- A spunky, dramatic, independent, joyful little one.

This year has been so different than I expected. I have been so incredibly challenged, and blessed by these children. And by my husband who has so patiently and consistently been an incredible support  to me and wonderful father to our girls.
It has been a year of growth for all four of us.

This life we live is so very messy. It is hard and way more real than I was prepared for. It is uncomfortable. And yet the joy and beauty that stems from those roots is immense. Incredible.

And I am thankful for it.



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