Oh my sweet Shiloh-
    How you are already one I do not know. You my dear are a miracle. You are wonderful, you are funny, you are sweet and sassy.

We call you grandma baby and godzilla baby all in the same breath. You are a breeze of fresh air in our home. The way you learn, the ease in which you acquire new skills is refreshing. It is fun. You and I are a lot a like I have a feeling.

I love the sound you make when you eat. Always always always making a nomnomnom or ayah ayah ayah sound as you munch along. You are determined. Focused. And oh my do you have a temper.
Emmaus is your favorite. And when she is ignoring you or just oblivious to the world you sweetly stand next to her squat a little and crane your neck and head around to get your face in hers. And then you touch her face- or laugh in it. Which promptly starts a laughing fest between you two. I hope you always pursue Emmaus even when she is hard to connect with, because here is a secret for you- you are her favorite too.
At one year old you can sign milk, more, eat, and all done. You can wave hello and bye bye. You will go to anyone and really love touching people's noses. You can walk!! You look like a toddling tank, but you can walk. We are so proud of you and you are proud of yourself.
You love to dance, and you are obsessed with the doll house. And more specifically the baby and the dog. You understand how things work. I love watching you think, you figure things out super quickly and it amazes me.
You were completely unimpressed with your cake, and threw all the berries and frosting off your tray
Your name means peace & abundance and "oath of God".  You are those things to us. You are peace in the midst of our chaotic life. And you have made it abundantly full. Full of normal, full of tutu's and a love of baby dolls, full of giggling, and sleeping like a champ. You have made lonely empty spaces in our life full of light.
Baby Shi, I am so glad to be your mommy. And I can't wait to see the little girl you become in the next year.
I love you my dear.
Love, Mommy


  1. How sweet! I had to chuckle about her not being too crazy about her cake. I really enjoy your stories!


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