New School

And just like that... Summer is over. 

Today Emmaus started Pre-school in the  Shawnee Mission school district.
She did great! I on the other hand was a bit of a mess.
As I process through why I am finding very deep layers of nerves.
I went to a public school in kindergarden and first grade and had a pretty negative experience. So I am nervous she will not be treated kindly, and if she isn't treated well how will I know? She can't even tell me.
My best experience in school was at a christian school that echo'd the teachings I learned at home. Where it wasn't just about teaching the children, and standardized testing. But about growing a child's character, beliefs and core values.
I am also going through the typical parenting process of wanting to protect my child's innocence. And while yes, this is only pre-school I care so deeply about what she is being taught outside of our home. How she is spoken to, how the world reacts to her, and what she is learning.
Truly- it makes me up my game at home. Knowing that she is out in the world. Out of our home and less protected. Makes me want to be more patient, and more loving, more encouraging in our time together.
The onset of seizures again also give me an extra component of nerves. Again, not something I can control. But she feels more vulnerable now than two months ago.

Like I said I may have cried. However- except for a few nervous whines as she got on the bus- she was a champ. She calmed down once she got in her seat on the bus. She watched us out the window as the bus drove away and didn't cry. She was happy getting to her classroom and her teacher said she did well all morning.

The day was quick. Last year at TLC she went from 8-430. And this is 8:15-11. And she is right down the street instead of 30 minutes away- however it seems like so much of a bigger deal. Crazy.

I will leave you with my page of nerves and a ridiculously cute couple of pictures!

This is my very favorite.
Well- Happy School Year!


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