The babies at the berry patch.

The time to make memories. 
To toss aside the routine and craziness the school schedule provides.
To embrace the calm. The open spaces. And the freedom. 
I truly had my heart set on taking the girls to the blueberry patch. I don't quite know why. 
I don't remember going to any type of fruit picking when I was little. 
And honestly I don't love blueberries. 
But it just seemed like a fun things to do. A fun memory to make. 
Luckily I had a girlfriend who was up for a last minute adventure. We spent the morning packing sippy cups, diaper wipes and lathering the babies up with sun screen. 
We loaded up in my van, listened to high voiced stories, and Emmaus' never ending plea's for "More Music" from the back seat. All while fitting in some much needed mommy conversation. 

The blueberry picking began. 
My girls probably ate as many as we bought. 

 Shiloh like to pick them, however her speciality was finding ones on the ground and eating them. 
I let her. Of course. 
Brushing the dirt off her face periodically.

 And Emmaus-  in her typical Emmaus fashion she sat in the middle of the row drinking her cup, enjoying her own company. Refused to pick any blueberries actually off the bushes (which was part of my thinking- that it would be an excellent fine motor activity for her).   She shoveled blueberries into her mouth by the fist full- until I took the bucket away. And then had a bit of a meltdown. So she rode on my back while we picked berries. (Side note- wearing Emmaus has saved my life. And pretty instantly calms her. Something about her sensory issues and being tightly held/worn by me. MAGIC)

We ended our trip with incredible thunder top blueberry muffins. Imagine still warm blueberry muffins with cinnamon on top. So yum.
 Blueberry faces all around. 

I think this was the first of many trips to the berry patch.



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