And thats a wrap. First year of preschool is complete!

I do not claim to be an expert at raising a child with special needs. In fact, I fail. A lot.
I often find myself at a loss at how to help her. I do not possess supernatural patience. We probably watch too much "Daniel Tiger". And it is quite possible that I let her watch 4754839498 Adele Music videos and covers today- because she kept saying & signing "more music" and then said "Adele" when I asked her if she wanted Adele. (The girl is obsessed with Adele. Could be worse I suppose- but I am a bit sick of Adele)  -In case you missed it- that is two words a row. Practically a sentence. Bam. My kid speaks.
So my point...  I am not a natural at this special needs parenting thing and I probably wouldn't have chosen this road if I had been given a choice. (I would have missed out majorly)
So I find myself in awe of people who chose to work with Special needs kids.
We had the opportunity to send Emmaus to an incredible developmental preschool this last year.
Full of people who chose to build their careers around children with special needs.
Teachers. Therapists. Administrators.
It is truly incredible and honestly blows my mind.
I was terrified to send Emmaus to school. Would they like her? Would they be kind to her? Would they make her feel safe and loved?
Every aspect of the school was incredible. Her therapies were in house. Her teacher & para amazing! She ever had the reception girl wrapped around her finger- they would visit and she would ring the bell.
I basically loved all of it- minus the price tag and the ridiculous drive during rush hour down town twice a day.
Yesterday was our last day. (she will receive preschool services in our school district starting in Aug)
I maybe cried a lot. Like ugly cried.
I cried in the morning when she refused to take a picture by herself. You know- I just wanted a good last day of school pic- and I even got mad when she threw a fit about it. FAIL.
I cried after I dropped her off, thinking of how much she has changed and all she has accomplished in the year.
First day of School Aug 2013 
(She wasn't even walking yet!!- And did her bangs seriously look like that?)
I cried when I picked her up, and when I read all the sweet things her teachers and therapists wrote about her.
BAH. And now I have to do this every single year for the next 15?
I hope we are always so lucky to have wonderful teachers and experiences.

 Emmaus with her wonderful teacher! They had such a great bond from the beginning! We are very lucky to have had such an incredible teacher for her first year!

Last day of school July 2014 
 No but seriously- this is more realistic to how the morning went. 
 The drama...



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