Starbucks Love

I met my husband working at starbucks.
Well I suppose I really met him while studying at starbucks. We both worked there. He was the new assistant manager and while reading some assigned reading after my first day of nursing school (I assure you that is the one and only time I actually read the assigned reading- first day vigor I tell you) the store manager introduced us.
It wasn't love at first sight. Well I mean- he swears he thought I was the "hot girl" of the store- so he was interested. And I truly just wanted someone to be interested.

I was coming out of a 4 year long very messed up broken relationship. I was down on myself due in huge part to lies I believed about myself spoken from an immature young man (we both were) who I was so madly-abandon all your good sense and principles- in love with.

Anyway, our relationship started slowly. In fact for a long while nothing happened. I jokingly refused to call him Dan- instead I called him STAN- because Dan was the name of the guy I had dated before.
Can you imagine? I actually called him Stan for months.

By Christmas I liked him.

He dressed up like Santa for the PV Starbucks christmas party. Which showed me he wasn't above a little self embarrassment for the greater good. And for the employee christmas party I was crushed when he sat next to another girl the whole night and volunteered to leave early to close the store. However- a friend and I took his white elephant gift to him after the party.

By spring I went out of my way to "stop by the store" when I was off work looking all cute cause I knew he was working.

We had our first date in March- which truly wasn't a date at all and involved me heading over to his house after babysitting and hanging out from 12-5am. We played heads up poker all night and got to know each other. The whole night he kept saying "lets wager something" knowing he meant a kiss- but I refused to offer, and he was too polite to ask.

Early summer I transferred to a new Starbucks so we could "legally date"- since he was my boss.

By late summer I was in love.

Dan's natural calm, his quiet confidence and his sense of humor caught my attention.  His incredibly hard work ethic, and him being my intellectual counterpart captured me. And his honest, incredible love for me made me fall right back in love with him.

This is super simplifying our relationship- it wasn't easy- because I still had many feelings for my ex,  however Dan never pushed me. He held our relationship very openly and never made any demands. Yet he was always so good to me.
He still is.

He asked me to be his forever

We just celebrated being married for five years. He got me the most thoughtful gift. Our vows carved on wood.

The last line of our vows says "I promise to walk confidently with you on the Path God has chosen for us.

I had forgotten about this part. We wrote our vows together- and I love that before we had any idea of our life path, before we knew the trials we could meet we promised to walk confidently together.

Sometimes I wonder if had known what our path would hold, and how hard marriage truly is if I would have chosen to get married.
But I guess that is the truth about anything. If you aren't willing to endure the hard stuff- the good stuff gets missed. And man our good is SO sweet. Because we have lived in the desert, when we get to rest in the meadow we truly appreciate the calm, the cool and peace of life.

I am thankful every day for the Man I get to spend my life with. He is incredible. And he loves me so well.
Our life is beautiful, and so very messy. And I wouldn't have it any other way.



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