I'm starting a new club

Fear is a funny thing.
My best friend and I talk about fear a lot. She is a naturally fearful person. I do not happen to be a naturally fearful person- but I have a lot of fearful things generally present in my life. 
She generally fears the typical "parent fears". Horrible germs, strangers, "I heard on the news" scenerios.

I tend to fear things equally as dark. Seizures that we could miss- leading to the ultimate fear of any parent- death. Okay- well basically that is my main fear. (I also fear vomiting and explosive poo- cause OMG so gross-)

What I am saying is we both fear. A LOT. Whether our nature (or nurture- however you want to look at it)  is prone to fear, or to be more go with the flow- fear is a daily struggle for BOTH of us. So I assume we aren't alone in this little fear club of ours.

Somehow we have convinced ourselves that by worrying about things and fearing things we have some control over those things. Which is just absolutely false.

I shared with a friend today that I was unreasonabily fearful about Emmaus right now. She has been acting a little off, and my mommy gut tells me something is up. Her response was so life giving.
"That means we need to pray. Our God loves to deliver us from all of our fears and bring healing and peace into our souls and our famlies."
And the good news is- I believe this! Fully.

I believe being a parent is such a good tool to drive you close to the Lord. Because you ultimately are not in control of the lives you have been give to guide. And while you must guide and protect where you can... You must trust in the Lord to do the rest.

So today. As I struggle with being overwhelmed with fear. I just figured I would name it. And instead choose to stand in the place of truth. A place where reality still exists. Something may be brewing with Emmaus- but that no matter what- in that the Lord will not forsake me. He stands with me in this place of truth- and reality. And while the reality of our lives may mean seizures are present or lurking under the surface. Reality also is-
That the Lord is faithful.
He Loves me.
And He is bringing good news.

You can join my truth club if you want. (Positions for co-encouragers and retrivalist- (those who go get members who have fallen back in to fear) are currently open)  



  1. Thank you for this La! Our daughter has just been diagnosed with TSC unofficially (she's actually still in utero, not sure if my last post published). We are christians as well and have so much hope in the Lord, but there is much to fear in this world! Thank you for the reminder that we can cast all our cares on Him. Would love to chat sometime over email! I also live in MO! :)


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