The parenting parallel

I collapsed my head into my hand after witnessing Emmaus pull her sister's hair for probably the 40th time today. Every time the same thing. She wanted a book or toy and would pull hair and swipe the toy- it was followed by  "Emmaus! We don't pull hair" and then off to time out.
She is a sensitive little girl. At the first "No, No" she usually is in tears.  Yet, she struggles to learn.  It always takes her much longer to learn even seemingly simple things. So it is no surprise it is no difference with this.
As I sat with her in time out (because she is too little still to stay on her own) I looked at my beautiful child. Who was in the middle of a very sad fit. Her frustration over not getting her book, and hurt pride over being in trouble mixed into a ball of sad emotion.
After a minute or two- tears still streaming (for what felt like the millionth time today) I pulled her into my lap.

I hushed her and calmed her. I explained that it hurts when she pulls others' hair. That is makes that person, and mommy sad.  I gently reassured her that I understand her frustration, but that in life we don't always get what we want, and hair pulling is not an option. I told her I love her.
You see when Emmaus sits on your lap it is a wonderful thing. I think it may be her low tone, and naturally cuddly self. But she sort of melts into you. Her weight doesn't feel heavy- She doesn't try to get up or leave- she just sits, melts, and its lovely. It makes me feel all dreamy- and nostalgic, and often throws me deep into thought.

Today as I was sitting in our narrow hall way cuddling my girl I couldn't help think of God. How many times has he wanted to collapse his head into his hands as I struggle to learn even something simple. How many times have I cried and thrown a fit because I couldn't get what I wanted or  because I could feel the recourse for my actions? And how many times has he sat with me, gently showing me the err of my ways, and in the end whispering he loves me.

As parents we just want what is best for our children. And that is part of disciplining them. But as a parent I wonder how I can mirror Jesus in this. How can I best love my girls. How can I best redirect them. Show them what is right- and help them choose what is right.

I am thankful for the parenting journey I am on. That my children drive me closer to the heart of God daily. And mostly for a heavenly father who is always right with me, helping me chose the right path, and who is patient and forgiving even when I need to be reminded more than once.



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