Intentional Rest

Rest is a very abstract idea.
Or maybe it is that is truly so complex that it becomes abstract.

I am learning that rest is a mind set. It is becoming intentional about having open spaces in your life. About having purposeful schedule to allow for that space. (Although that seems backwards-somehow it works)
We have chosen to sit in a season of rest after a very very hectic and busy section of life.

We got married, Dan got sick. He graduated and started a new job. We worked super hard to get out of debt. We had a baby, she got sick. I changed Jobs. We had a miscarriage. Our baby had brain surgery- we found out we were having and had another baby and I changed jobs again.

Phew. Does that make anyone else dizzy?
So now. We rest. Intentionally.
Purposefully say no to over packing our schedules. Say no to busyness for busyness sake.
We evaluated what we put on our calendar- and as new things come into the picture often re-evaluate and cross things off.
It is freeing. Life giving. We are living an abundantly full yet incredibly restful life.

This month we got to go on a family trip. I have heard going on vacation with kids isn't "restful" however- I would say (minus the actual traveling) it was quite restful.

We splurged on a nice condo with two rooms, a large living space and a kitchen. We saved by not eating out except for once or twice. We had no agenda. Enjoyed the beach.

(Some more than others- Emmaus loved it- Shiloh, not so much)

The girls napped every day. We spent afternoons at the pool. We played in the condo.
We took one failed trip to the gulfarium- which was comical- and typical for our kids. (They hated it, whined the whole time and were basically melted puddles of babies by the time we called it quits- and we happily left kinda laughing that we "thought that it would be fun")
At the Gulfarium 
Every night we walked the harbor and each enjoyed our favorite drinks and each others company. 

We truly enjoyed our time together. Sure our girls still had meltdowns. We changed dirty diapers, and read 985,000,000 books to Emmaus (Well the same books over and over and over).  And Shiloh didn't sleep all night a single time. 
But that is the beauty of our life. It is Chaos. It is hard work and incredible joy. And OH SO MUCH parenting! 
But to find rest, to stake our claim to calm- to teach our daughters that rest doesn't just happen once a year on vacation- but daily, and weekly, and monthly. Those lessons- are beautiful, and fruitful and oh so sweet. 



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