Always remember and never forget

Because I just don't want to forget the details...And I am forgetful.

The way that Emmaus grabs my hand so I will walk along side her.
The way that Shiloh holds my head and smiles after a night feeding right before I slip her back into her bed.
The way that Shiloh spoons her bunny when you lay her in her crib.
The way that Emmaus slowly sticks her tongue out and leans in to "kiss me
The way that Emmaus purses her lips and shakes her head no. To every.single.question.I.ask.her. - Unless it has to do with food. Or Daniel Tiger.
The way Emmaus "runs" down the hall. Its is truly a very uncoordinated fast walk.
The way Shiloh is so interested in what is happening around her that she nurses & looks around then nurses some more- then repeats this about 100 times per feeding. - And how during almost all times I am nursing Shiloh, Emmaus must also sit on my lap- not because she is jealous, just because she senses some sort of bonding activity is happening- and she doesn't want to be left out.
How when Shiloh is excited she sits and almost jumps up and down she is rocking on her bottom so hard- she also dances to music this way
The way Emmaus cocks her head and smiles when I look back at her in the car.

I wish I could bottle up these things. For when they are grown, and their innocence beings to fade, for when the world is hard on them. These precious moments pass so fast.



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