Hand woven faithfulness

I don't even know where the time has gone. I think I wrote maybe two blogs in October. I went back to work the end of September and between working at New birth, and the hospital and then working on building my Etsy business on days off I have been working way too much. My hope is that soon I can work very little outside of our house. But in order for that to happen my little business needs to grow. I love being a nurse, but with the addition of miss Shiloh it has become VERY obvious that I need to be home more, and work outside the house less. It is a strange pull, because I really do love working. But- for several reasons I think I will need to cut my hours and be home more for the next few years.  So- shameless plug. Are you following me on Instagram? I have a business page! I sell lots of fun stuff through there. My user name is @sasabluedesigns or you can find my stuff on etsy at www.sasablue.etsy.com
That however is not why I am posting tonight.
Tonight we had missional community. A small house church we attend that is an off-shoot of our bigger church. It is a group of people circling around a mission, and living life together. And I was just struck by the faithfulness of the Lord that so delicately weaved in and out of the life stories of the people in the room.
Emmaus was so taken with the worship music. She danced, and walked around. And stood awkwardly close to our friend playing the guitar. That in itself is the Lords faithfulness. The fact that our toddler is walking, dancing, and interactive, instead of spaced out and seizing is incredible.
A dear friend with pretty devastating infertility holding her 8 month old and pregnant with another little one. The prayers whispered pleading for these little ones. Heard. Answered.
Extreme breakthrough in a great relationship that will lead to a marriage in December.
Dan holding Shiloh the sweetest baby girl- free from TS. Rocking her poofy hair, and grandma grin. She is a breath of fresh air to us. She is developing so fast, rolling, grabbing at toys, bored easily(which gets annoying-but truly is a great problem). It is mind blowing to us the milestones that come so easily to her.
Anyway- The Lord has been faithful to this group of people.
There are so many things I am expectantly hoping for. Expectantly believing will happen.
-Provision through my etsy/IG business
-Breakthrough in a hard custody/parenting situation with friends
-Continued development for Emmaus & good news with her upcoming Dr's visits
-A job that exceeds expectations for our friend.

I know the Lord is faithful. So I have no less expectation for these areas.
I will blog again soon and share pics from this month!


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