Growing up.

I stopped in my tracks tonight as I walked into the kitchen. My "Big Little's" fleece pull over was strung across the chair. Man it hit me hard. She is getting so big. Yesterday, she clearly (with cries and squeals when presented with the options) communicated she wanted to go with her dad, and not stay home with her sister and I.
She is getting bigger every day, braver. This morning she walked from our bed, out of our room, and started down the hall before she decided crawling would be easier.
And she's not the only one changing fast around here. My little little is like a new baby every morning.
She has opinions, she gets bored (again this is new, miss Emmaus was quite a bit older like 18months before she had much of an opinion about anything!) and she is so interactive with us.
I am obsessed with the friendship forming between the two of them. Emmaus' love for her sister is pretty incredible. From Day one she has been so sweet and loving with her- and every day it blossoms more.
Dan sent me these pictures while I was at work today.
Wherever Shiloh is, Emmaus is not far away.  She loves to be near her sister. 
Lastly just so I never forget-
Tonight when I put Emmaus to bed (which is rare occasion)- After we said prayers- I tucked a blanket around her and she smiled sweetly, and just laid there. This NEVER has happened when I put her to bed. And it was such a "You are so big" moment for me. That she would understand it is bed time, that its okay not to fight it and just lay there and go to sleep.

I'm so proud of you sweet girl.


  1. Hooray, Emmaus! She's the best. Love that girl!

  2. Your kids are so freaking sweet. Love them!

  3. Look at those two hang out together, so sweet. My Abby is getting big too. Like putting on shoes/pants/skirts on her own, telling people "later" as we leave, or "tired, mommy come here" to go get her ready for bed. And my fav..the hug w a hand pat on my back as I start to lose my cool..ok Mommy? Its such a emotional roller coaster. you champion every new skill and are so Prous; then wistful about the baby leaving. I am behind on so much housework ect. cause I just want to sabor the fleeting moments w her!

    1. Omgoodness, thats suppose to be proud and savor!


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