We had a little stay-cation. Before I head back to work next week.
And in that time we have....
Had two therapy sessions & one day of school for Emmaus.
Gone to a housewarming party and a birthday party.
We sold a car.
Dan laid a yard of sod with my dad.
We changed about 100billion poopy diapers. (Dan kept calling it poop-cation)
We had one night where both girls SLEPT! Emmaus from 730-7am and then Shiloh from 8-430am- and then back to sleep till 7. (I am sure we will never be so lucky again- but it was magic!)
We had one night where we slept very little.
And Dan and I had a moderately sized argument. (Cause lets be honest- we are both introverts and too much time spent together and we both go a little crazy) (Yes-  I am an introvert- be amazed-

Today we continued a fall tradition of visiting a local cider mill.

 We watched donuts being made- truly Emmaus just waved like crazy at the sweet lady behind the window.
 Discovered the glory of a case of cider donuts.
 And the glory that are these perfect rose-bud lips covered in cinnamon sugar
 The most timid of steps taken among the fall pumpkins.
Each step anticipated. Celebrated. Filling our hearts with joy.
 Mommy and Sister Snuggles
 Kisses between Emmaus and her main man.
 And then what inevitably happens when you are two years old- THE DREADED MELT DOWN. We knew it was coming- the whining was there- when the donuts ran out
(All 1/2 dozen of them)
 So- doing what all good parents do- we let our dictator of a toddler call the shots- snapped one last family pic-and got the hell out of there. She fell asleep within five minutes of getting in the car. 
(Win for a bonus nap!)
We count the day a success.  Thankful for the cool weather & memories.


  1. you guys are too cute! I have two kids, a girl and a boy, approx. same age as yours... so I know what it's like... Yet I don't work outside of the home yet... I admire you!! So happy Emmaus is close to walking!! Well done!!


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