Waiting- and the poopy day.

So while I wish I was posting a blog about our sweet new addition- Instead I will tell you an awesome tale of one of the craziest mornings we have had lately.
So This is VBS week- which is a blessed event that for years to come I am sure I will look forward to! 5 straight mornings of my child being gone in the summer- and to learn about Jesus, sing sweet songs, ect!
So Emmaus went on monday and loved it. She was bubbly and happy all day, took a nap, was a little chatter box AND I got the morning free. AWESOME.
Then Tuesday morning at 1am- it all fell apart.
Emmaus woke up screaming- I went up to check on her after a couple minutes and the poor child is kneeling on her bed, staring at the wall, screaming bloody murder and batting at the air. Well- my brother had night terrors- so I assume this was the same. It took a good while for me to get her calm. I tried holding her, and speaking softly to her- to which she smacked, pinched and bit me- then I tried singing her this song she likes about Jesus- same result and finally I decided to pray for her-and once I started praying she calmed down and woke up and sweetly started stroking my face and saying mama- in a very sad relieved way.
Well the night continued- she didn't sleep well, I was awake due to crazy pregnancy insomnia that has set in, and it was long. Anyway- finally about 4 I am guessing we fell asleep. (*to give Dan credit he was with her for a bit- but I figured I would let him sleep since I was wide awake anyway- and I would take over trying to get her back to bed).
Anyway- She woke up early- and was very excited I was in bed with her- she sat up, sweetly "oooohhhed mama" and then I heard her tummy rumble- I sleepily put my arm around her back to give her a hug- and then I felt it happen.
I calmly got up, got my arm wiped off, started chucking clean things out of her bed- so I wouldn't have to scrub every stuffed animal and blanket, I asked her to stay in bed (which is I am sure she didn't comprehend) and walked to the door to call for back-up. To which I find the door LOCKED. 
Well- the lock is on the outside and we lock her in at night so she won't open the door and fall down the stairs. Dan had locked it out of habit when we traded. 
Suddenly I feel like the room was very small, (her room is huge) smelled incredibly like poop, I was gagging, horrified by the left over poo on my arm. Trying to keep her in bed. Hollering for dan- convinced that he won't hear me, that we will be locked in the poo filled room without help- her crawling all over. 
HECK I will probably have a baby in the poo filled room. 
Well- dan saw me on the monitor squatting by her bed, heard my hollering- and figured I was in labor so came running.  (thankfully)
Of course we got it all handled- it did turn out to be a "crappy" day and she definitely had the bug that Dan had the prior week- but we survived- and my house got DEEP cleaned. 
Probably some nesting/I can't handle the amount of sickness that has happened around here lately.

Can I just say- being a mom is by FAR the most DISGUSTING job I have EVER had! 
(And I am a nurse! And I have worked with adults who are pretty funky- but NEVER have I been poo'd on while not fully awake in a locked room) 

So what I am saying is....We are having fun around where while waiting for baby! 
(Who is now 10 full days later than Emmaus was) 



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