June 26. 
I remember the exact details of this day a few years ago, like they just happened.
A day where many,  many prayers passed my lips. Prayers of strength,  prayers of rescue, of health,  prayers begging, pleading against a disease we knew so little about.
June 26 is a day I remember as being one of the most intimate time I have ever had with Jesus. A day of letting go of any control I might have had over and over and over again to welcome a baby into the world.
It is a day that started me on the journey of motherhood- a journey of dying to myself, of learning the meaning of unconditional love.  Of learning that despite a disease, or diagnosis I will never be given more than I can handle.  It is a day that started me on a road to Joy. A road that at times is painful, but the fruit & joy that abound from traveling it daily are worth any stumble along the way.

Sweet baby girl- how my life has changed since 6/26/2011. You have taught your mommy about faith, about joy, about accepting help. You have filled my heart with overflowing love. You are a ray of sunshine- that I am so blessed to call mine. I can't imagine what I did before you. You made your father and I parents- and taught us about what life is all about.  I am so lucky that God chose me to be your mommy.
You have grown too fast little one.  I can hardly believe that two years ago you were a fresh teeny baby. And today you are full of sass, you throw your head back and giggle like a little girl and you have tan lines from our summer days at the pool.

----Emmaus at two years old-----
Consistently says 10-15 words
Signs Multiple words
Is cruising around all the furniture and becoming braver with her steps daily
Likes to eat almost anything (except green beans)
Waves at everyone.
Gives the sweetest kisses (and sometimes forgets and bites instead-OUCH)
Sleeps moderately well (9pm-6am)- bedtime is rough, but is only waking up once at night generally.
Takes an hour nap on most days.
Eat finger foods (we are starting to work on a spoon)
Has an impressive pouty lip

Emmaus Loves
babies, books, bath time, her daddy, her friend clara, eating, climbing on the couch, and i phones.
Emmaus Dislikes
diaper changes, mira getting excited, bed time, being told "no no", nap time, and walks in the stroller.

Thank you Lord for blessing me with this little one.
Happy second birthday baby girl.


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