Summer Lovin

Somedays I like to stay home all day. And on those day's Emmaus "tells" me all day long- that she is a budding social butterfly and she NEEDS to get out of the house. 
So today, we skipped my mundane homebody tendencies and headed to the pool with friends...
To live the rockstar life
 Some were unsure of the chilly water

Others thought the pool was their stage.
It really is all fun and games until someone gets water dumped on their head.

 One little caught some rays.
 One wore the biggest hat possible- stolen from her mama to avoid them.
 And the third did his manly duty by taking a solid nap.

After there was  ice cream and the LONGEST spoons ever 
(that little ones may have trouble maneuvering)
 You know the ice cream is good when you grow an ice cream beard.
 And when the sad face and lip come out
 upon discovering there is no more ice cream to be eaten.
 (She sure knows how to work that lip)

And then there is this little man. Who is so chubbs I can hardly handle it. I can count 4 rolls on that arm and one is above his knuckle! I mean come on! And those thighs that extend all the way down to his feet. (His big sister had legs like that and coined the term *thankles* skip the calf- goes from thigh to ankle) And that expression? He was giving me the silliest looks. 
I pretty much can't get enough of him

Good times, with good friends. And this preggo mama was pretty excited about the ice cream too.


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