Some jumbled thoughts on beauty and a woman's body

When a women believes she is 

authentically beautiful- she frees herself 

from the overwhelming prison of self 

doubt and feeling unworthy and instantly 

becomes a role model of self-love for our 

young girls and boys. (unknown)

Tonight I found this project a photographer is doing about women- particularly their postpartum bodies.  Since I have started working at New Birth Company I have become an advocate of healthy women, of healthy pregnancies, and healthy birth.  I believe in taking charge of your health, taking charge of your body and your pregnancy.
Now let me confess. I BELIEVE IN THIS STUFF- but man it is hard to do. This pregnancy I have been way less active than I should have been. I have gained more weight that I had hoped to. And I have focused more on the mom's I care for at NBC, and my (almost) two year old who has needed me a lot in the last 9 months (I found out I was pregnant 3 days after she had brain surgery) - and taking care of myself has somewhat fallen by the wayside.
I am blessed to work with my midwives- they tell me every time I see them to "drink more water" because my lips are dry, or they remind me to eat, to get more sleep, to not believe I am invincible, and to remember to accept help.
So while I believe in healthy pregnancies, in taking care of yourself- in not gaining excess weight during pregnancy- IN BEING HEALTHY- it can be hard to do.

And then we have these precious children. And we look at our new MOMMY bodies- and we die a little inside. We have stretch marks, we have loose skin, and our already "non perfect" bodies suddenly seem even more flawed. And instead of celebrating these sweet babes we now have, we are discouraged because of how we look. Hell- I am already discouraged that I have several new stretch marks- and I am still pregnant- add the loose-post baby belly and I will be a hot mess.

But why? 

The typical standard of beauty is unrealistic.  The standard I hold myself to is unrealistic.

Grace. I need to give myself grace. I need to look at the precious children I have and take a moment to be amazed at what my body is capable of.
I want my daughter to see me being comfortable in my body- because I don't want my self loathing  to teach her to hate her body.

So give yourself a little grace.

I feel like I have to add a disclaimer here. Be healthy. Take care of your body- you only get one. Exercise. Eat as well as you can. EVERYTHING IN MODERATION.
But if you are doing these things- and you still don't have Jennifer Aniston's body- give yourself a break.
Look at your little's and know that they are worth it.  You are fearfully and wonderfully made.



  1. Amen. Great words. I have struggled a lot this time around with being comfortable in my new mama skin. Each babe leaves new marks that I must adjust to. God's grace each day is what we all need and not judging ourselves so harshly.


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