Second Birthday Party for Miss Emmaus

This weekend we took advantage of the cool day and threw a birthday party for miss Emmaus in the front yard. 

It was extremely scaled down from last year- which involved a month of planning a big water slide and about 100 people. This year- just a few friends and family. 
(preggo mama is too preggo to plan a big party!)
We had a long family table, lots of food, and rumor has it there was even some strawberry short cake. 

There were lots of little people to keep track of.

 Lots of girl talk was exchanged.

The shade and cool breeze even allowed for some snuggles with grammy.
It really was a low key afternoon.

Two candles were blown out- and sweet wishes made
(at least by mommy and daddy)

And wow- this girl understood presents this year!
She was so excited to have some of her favorite people gathered around looking at her.  She cheered for everything she received.
 And got a little help from her friend clara when she started to lose interest in the unwrapping part.

After the party I found her like this....
Yeah baby- all that partying made mama tired too. 
I really can't believe she is two- times goes too fast!
Happy birthday baby love.



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