pregnant at 34 weeks

I'm pregnant. Like REALLY pregnant. Yet I still have 6ish weeks to go.
Luckily the weeks are going by really fast.
Here are some observations I have

-I forgot when you are pregnant you don't "get a full nights sleep" its more like you get 3 naps broken up by trips to the bathroom.
- I am sure the actual distance to the bathroom isn't much longer in this house- but since every time I go I try not to wake up Emmaus it seems like the trip is miles longer. I have learned where the creaks in the floor are- and try not to waddle over them.
-With Emmaus I only got 2 teeny tiny stretch marks- I think I am adding a few- it kinda breaks my heart- and I wish I could stop it- but I can't. So I guess I will deal with it.  And probably cry about it at some point.
-I want ice cream every night. LIKE EVERY NIGHT. (see above observation-this could be the cause)
-I am WAY less prepared this time around. I think I need to search for "the bump" checklist I had the first time- cause surely I should be doing SOMETHING to prepare for this baby.
-My pelvis is so much better from my little fall- but still hurts a good amount. I would like it to be all better now....mmmkay?
-Last time (and now this time) at the end of my pregnancies- my husband decides to "get in shape" I don't know if he feels like I am gaining enough weight for the both of us, or if I'm gaining he should lose- I dunno- and while I am glad he is taking charge of his health- I can't participate in this (or not to the extent he is)! And I guarantee you in 10ish weeks when I am starting to get back in shape he will be over his newfound healthiness.
  Here are two pics from 34 weeks (this week)
We've had several pool days lately- makes the day go faster. And although Emmaus isn't the biggest fan of the water, it lets us hang out with friends and get out of the house for a couple hours so she doesn't go crazy- and thus in turn drive me crazy. (She likes to get out and about!)
 We went to the most beautiful wedding this weekend.  Only down fall was it was "picnic" style and so we all sat on blankets on the ground- not the best for the VERY pregnant or those with SEMI BROKEN pelvis' (no its not really broken- just feels a bit that way)
It was so pretty though- it was under a canopy of trees, and decorated so cutely, bunting strung from the trees and wildflowers hanging out in mason jars surrounded us, it was cool.
Anyway- this is me- ready for the wedding. Carrying a big baby belly with me.

That's all I've got. I'm pregnant. Lots of pregnant.



  1. I cried a little over the extra stretch marks I gained the second time around but I go way more with my boy then my girl. I blame that on his need to stretch out and kick me 24/7.
    You look great! Really. You do.


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