Nesting much?!

There is something about the milestone of 35 weeks that makes me think OMG I'm having a baby! And SOON! The nesting kicked in full force this weekend. (Along with 3 shifts of work from fri-monday) So it was a full weekend. I dreamed of projects to do while at work- and fit some of them in while off!
So I may have panicked a little and decided EVERY household project I want to get done needed to get done NOW.
I Bought a bunch of plants
That my VERY VERY SWEET amazing husband planted without a complaint. Then mulched without a complaint- and then very patiently explained he wasn't taking his time with the yard work- after I complained about it taking too long. Yeah- I married up.

Then I freaked about getting Emmaus' big girl room ready before the baby comes- so I finished this. (Well it needs drawer pulls- and the grid lines to be erased)

Which I am SO happy about how it turned out.
It is pink- but for some reason looks white in this picture. I also am planning (at some point) to paint her headboard to match.

And Emmaus' birthday is this week and we are having a small party for her this weekend and I freaked a little about getting stuff for that ready. 

HOWEVER- today I am much calmer and realized that not ALL of this stuff has to get done THIS week.

This baby will be here soon- ready or not. And we really are prepared to take care of him/her- 
*Even if the nursery isn't ready.
*Even if Emmaus' big girl room isn't done. 
(knowing me both of these things will get done before baby)

In other news I think we have names! So that is on the completed side of our to-do list.

And I will leave you with this.  35 week belly pic (round 2). Please ignore the extremely dirty mirror. WHAT IS THAT?! It's not even at baby level!


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