I've been thinking a lot about my grandpa. Probably because I am loving seeing Emmaus with my dad. She is pretty obsessed with him- and probably likes him more than anyone else right now. He travels for work and although my mom watches her once a week, sometimes he is gone and doesn't see her for a while. So he often just drops by to say hello to her (and me I'm sure). It usually gets her out of nap time- which is my theory of why she likes him so much- That and he gets on her level and crawls around with her.

Multiple times this weekend she said "Bam-pa" and when she was at my parents today she crawled around looking for him saying "weeerrr bam-pa". Then when she would see him she would make googly eyes at him like "hello, its me, I know you adore me and I adore you too" It really is too cute.

Anyhow- This got me thinking about my grandparents- things I remember as a kid. Specifically about my moms parents.
My grandpa had emphysema so he had a hospital bed in his room- which we all thought was THE COOLEST. I mean COME ON! It sat up!
He always had tums in a roll on his nightstand.
Sometimes he would have lemon drop candies that he kept in a check box there too- I would sneak them. (He would have shared)
My grandmas kitchen always smelled like bacon grease. It wasn't dirty- just smelled yummy.
My grandpa made this weird dish in the morning- it was yummy but SUPER unhealthy. But I wish I knew how to make it. I can't remember what he called it.
In the living room there were two couches- one never got sat on- and across from that couch there was a table that always held a national enquirer, a cross word puzzle and cherry flavored original chap-stick.
Next to that couch was a little wooden cabin house thingy- that was a table decoration. My cousin used to tell me that little people lived in the house and if I waited long enough I would see them- I never did, but I believed they existed.
My grandparents had this old plastic cookie jar. They always had the best cookies. I mean not homemade or anything- but the keebler elf cookies with m&ms in them, or the ones that tasted like thin mints, or the orange wafer cookie dipped in chocolate. We didn't have stuff like that at our house.
They also had caffeine free pepsi- it has a gold rim instead of silver. And it taste different too- not sure why, but I could still tell the difference- one taste like my childhood memories I guess.
My grandma would let us watch nickelodeon, and my brother and I thought it was the coolest- we would stay up way to late watching nick at night and their kid version of SNL.

Anyway- I know no one read that except probably my mom. But I love that I have those memories of my grandparents- I have many more about my other grandparents.
I love seeing Emmaus form those memories too. Makes my heart smile.



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