A post where I complain- but at least post some cute pictures of my child.

I wish I could say I have been quiet because I have been resting- and I guess that is some of it. Putting our schedule down on a calendar on the fridge has helped so much. It has definitely allowed us to have defined rest and the lack of chaos over confused schedules.
Its been a hard week. I took a bit of a tumble on sunday and hurt my pelvis. Its made me feel very huge- and very pregnant, and very unable to move.
I'm a big grumpus about my clumsiness, but I am trying to reach DEEP within and pull out some sort of positivity about things. (And I'm failing- but trying is worth something right?!)
I just hurt. And have a lot of shifts to work before I have this baby- and I can't even really carry my kid (That kinda can't walk- okay she really can't walk) without feeling like my pelvis may split in half. TMI? Did I mention I am really hurting?
So since its would be better not to whine this whole post here are some cute pics of the kid.
 uhhhh when did she get so big?!
 We got to see Aunt Sarah the end of May. It was so good to be with her and She sure spoke Emmaus' love language by sharing her iphone. (I posted this pic because they are making the same face with their lips! which is so cute to me!)
 Even though the sun refuses to shine and the weather refuses to allow a temp above 75 I still am believing it is summer by eating strawberry short cake pretty much daily- okay not daily, but multiple times a week. Emmaus thinks it is quite a treat. 
 And then there are these, excuse the "see food" but those sleepy eyes and morning bed-head just melt my preggo mama heart. I am so in love with this little girl.

Pray I feel back to "normal" soon. I am really hurting- and really preggo. And have a busy few weeks ahead.



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