Have you had those days that are just a comedy of errors? And at the end of the day you feel exhausted and kinda like you failed?
Our day started at 3am- when Emmaus decided it was "go time". 
Our oven is broken- or something. Has no power going to it. 
Our freezer was leaking. (Hubby spend all evening fixing this! yay!)
We got to Emmaus' orthotics fitting exactly five minutes late- not to shabby with the start of the day- (which turned out to be 35 minutes late because the appt was at 9 and not 930 like I thought.)
We did have a lovely lunch with a friend
 but the kid was pretty crabby and made this HORRID whining sound all day. 
I actually found myself saying "That noise is ugly, and your face is kinda ugly when you make it"
YEAHHHHH.......shining mom moment.
Then I may have harshly told my sweet (horridly whiney, exhausted kid) to 
"GET IN BED AND GO TO SLEEP" after putting her back in bed for nap time  around 400 times.

I will give myself some credit- because I was incredibly patient at 4am when she was clearly not going back to sleep. However- at 3pm I was one TIRED mama.

It's good for me to learn to apologize for my bad attitude to my child. 
I hope as she grows- she doesn't think of me as a mean mom who yells- (I really don't yell often)
But as a mom who loves her fiercely, but is flawed, and has to ask for forgiveness too. 
Cause- WOW this mom gig is hard.

And to remind myself that not all days are this hard. Here are a few pictures from yesterday- 
we had a great day and Emmaus loved the farmstead!

Giving the sweetest- wettest kisses EVER
 Learning about Animals with Daddy.
This girl loved the animals. 

We topped the afternoon off with My 30 week sono to take a final peak at baby & check for any signs of TSC. This baby has no signs of TS that Emmaus had.  We are so thankful. 
(And Eager to meet this babe!)



  1. Love you, love her, love your hubby...kisses!

  2. AND love little baby bump who is not so little any more!


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