Garage sale & give away

This weekend we had a garage sale. I figured we were safe planning a garage sale for the first weekend of May-however in Kansas City this weekend the high temp was 50 and there was a good amount of rain/snow wintery mix. However, we prevailed, had the sale and despite my bad attitude on saturday morning it turned out to be a big success!
One of the coolest parts of the weekends was that an old man asked if we had any coins to sell- well we did, Dan used to collect them with his grandpa and has been wanting to sell them. It was pretty cool because this guy's name was Bob, which was also Dan's gpa's name and he collected them with his grandkids. So they sat in our kitchen for over an hour and looked at coins.
So the money from that and our other big items we made close to $700.
Sometimes it is cool how the Lord provides. (And how for me he has to make it super clear it is him providing.)
We are thankful & SOOOOO EXCITED to be able to pay off my car! 
On To Baby step #4 !!!!
(We follow Dave Ramsey's Financial Plan for those of you who are knew around here)

Things I learned during our garage sale
1. Do it with a friend- cause then it is a lot more like hanging out than work!
2. Our neighbor gets to her house, and drives super slowly to the drive way and then I'm not kidding you INCHES up the driveway at a snails pace until she finally parks in the garage- It was odd. I thought it was  one time things the first time I observed it, but I saw her pull in no less than 5 times and it was the same thing each time. 
3. People will steal even at a garage sale. 
4. Make creatives signs- people will notice them! We used poster board and tall boxes- and said cute things like 
     *Big OL' Sale
     *Snow or Shine (It did snow Sat am!)
5. At the end of the sale take your crap to good will! The point is to simplify- so if you don't take everything to good will-really consider if the item is something you need or not. 
6.  Baby's make good sign weights

Also! Last but not least! The Winner of the headband is #13!  
Congratulations Kristen from Engineering Motherhood!
Kristen shoot me an email at Laurisa.Ballew (at)
And I will get your headband sent! 

    For anyone else wanting headbands- I will re-list a bunch on my Etsy tonight or tomorrow! And for those of you who are crafters I will post a tutorial tomorrow- ran out of time today. 



  1. Love! We paid our last car off (as if we have more than two.. we paid off our 2nd car haha) last month and it felt SO good! Love Dave. Total Ramseyite. Your tips for garage sales are awesome. We are missing our city wide at the end of the month because we are out of town and I am bummed! So thankful you raked in so much doh!


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