Baby belly & heabands

So I'm 27 weeks pregnant. Thats a lot of weeks. And a lot of belly. 
Today I walked twice- and got most of my childhood stuff out of my parents attic, loaded it in my suv, and unloaded it again. 
Oh- and then there were all the baby dead weight lifts....
(aka picking up my child 100 times)
I'm pooped. 

I've been a bit obsessed with these headbands I have been making. They basically allow me to do my hair less and still look decent.  Some of you have asked if I am selling them. So I have loaded a few in my ESTY site- I use all recycled materials, so the patterns and designs are in limited quantity. 
I strive for them to be good products, affordable, comfy & cute!

 Speaking of Cute- This is my production assistant. We were working late into the afternoon and maybe stretched into nap-time- thus she is cuddled up in my fabric scraps. 
She is wearing a scrap of material around here head- that doesn't match. 
Cause I didn't want her to feel left out!

 I am also going to post a tutorial on how to make these headbands this week- yes I know that may be bad for my "oh-so-booming" ESTY biz- However, I figure there are two types of people, buyers and makers, and a maker isn't going to buy anyway- so no harm in posting a tutorial! However- please don't take the tutorial, make your own headbands & sell them on your etsy site- cause while this isn't patented or anything I do take time in thinking up the extras of these headbands- ruffles, flowers, ect.
 Below are a few headbands I have posted. 
Here is the Link!
(there are also some cute baby knot beanies- I made one- then I made like 10, because I am kinda like that- and I'm having a baby-so I like making little baby things)

ALSO!!! Don't forget to enter to win a headband of your choice HERE



  1. Girl seriously. Such cute headbands!! And I'm so impressed at your pregnancy and mom-ness. You're a stud. Seriously.


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