Snow & Sprinkles

My lack of writing has become a little bit ridiculous. And I really have no excuse. 
It's not like we are getting out and doing fun things- our 11 inches of snow last thursday....
Our forecasted 10-15 inches due tonight--has pretty much kept us in. 
Emmaus is going a bit crazy. She has been whiney, and bored & tired of the toys she has to play with. 

Speaking of toys- My new toy- aka my SLR camera came today. The last snow storm delayed it's arrival a bit- and let me tell you today I was like a giddy kid at christmas when it arrived. I have been saving since christmas for it and It was so fun to finally get it!

Tonight we got to celebrate my dear friend and her sweet little boy coming any day. 
We ate some indian food.

Sprinkled her with gifts & diapers for her little love. 
But mostly is was a great chance to see wonderful women that I don't see nearly enough. Women that fill my heart and touch my soul & even though our paths don't cross as often as they used to- they are still my sisters. 



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