Party planning for toddlers & my birthday happenings

I had a birthday. I thought I was turning a year older than I really was- so it was kinda a win! 
My birthday is on valentines day-  Thus I pretty much think valentines day is the best day of the year!
Sometimes I let my expectations get the best of me- but this year I decided to just throw my expectations to the wind and take the day as it came.
Which turned out to be a good thing. 

First- I planned a little valentines day party for Emmaus and three of her little friends. 
(And three of mine)
lunch included these cute heart shaped strawberries
Well, a great-grandma died, another girl had a fever- so it quickly turned into a party for Emmaus +1. However, Emmaus isn't quite able to decorate cookies yet-
Emmaus  "decorating a cookie" aka eating frosting and sticking half the cookie to her cheek
And sweet Charlotte was a little less than enthused with the cookie decorating or lunch selection- but still seemed to have a fun- so it was a win in my book. 
(Party planning for toddlers isn't for those who's expectations get squashed easily)

After our little party- Emmaus napped. 
My mom came over to bring my b-day present right as Emmaus was waking up. 
Then came the "fun" -this text says it all. 

Luckily my knight in shining armor is better with poo than me & took care of it when he got home!I still kinda gag thinking about it. We are switching to pampers until this baby comes. Cause as much as I love cloth diapering- I refuse to puke every time I change a poopy diaper. 

The night ended with Dan and I going to dinner at the Thai Place- them bringing our salad and appetizer- but completely forgetting to bring us dinner- which made us late for our Dave Ramsey Class and caused us to take our food to go. NICE. Happy valentines/birthday- lets eat a "romantic dinner" in the back of a room watching a Dave Ramsey video. 

Aww well- it was pretty funny actually. And when we got home I got to eat some DQ ice cream cake that my MIL bought me. Its my favorite! 
Plus- who can have a bad day when they get to hang out with this little love bug all day?!

Cheers to my 27th year!
The year of not getting bent out of shape about things I have absolutely no control over!



  1. 1. Happy Birthday again!
    2. I was dying reading that text.
    3. I really hope you talked the Thai Place into comping your dinner or at least giving you a discount! That place is YUMMY though.
    4. Emmaus! You are too much! She is looking so toddler-ish!
    5. You're pretty.
    6. I love your "year of" resolution. I'd like to join you in that one!
    7. I love you and I'm glad you're my friend.


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