The toddler & why I'm eating so many good & plenty

You see things around here are a bit crazy. 
Life is never calm huh?!
We are adjusting to having a very emotional, opinionated, frustrated toddler on our hands. 
Don't get me wrong- it is a problem we are glad to have-but it is still quite an adjustment.
She literally goes from happy to tantrum in about 5 seconds- it's normal toddler- which is new for us.
She is almost all attitude-and a little sweetness- she gives the best hugs and kisses.

She is into everything. Today I literally saw her TRY to stick her finger then her tongue in a power outlet- Guess it is time to baby proof?
She also has decided my magazines are prime reading material.

Emmaus had her two month surgery follow up this week. Still no daily seizures (she had a couple when she was sick with a fever but that is typical- and expected) and clearly she is developing rapidly. 
Her Surgeon was also quite proud of her scar, and how great it looks- I am very pleased as well!

As for me- well I have been feeling a little less than good. Which truly is a blessing. We found out while we were in the hospital after Emmaus' surgery that she will be a big sister come late July. 
  I love this pic. It just captures how joy & trial are so beautifully intertwined in our lives.

We are very excited to welcome a new baby and completely overwhelmed at the thought of having two "babies" I know Emmaus will be two- but I am assuming she will be closer to 1 developmentally. Which is very much still a baby. I am pretty sure we will never sleep again. 
However- despite our nervousness we feel very blessed. 
Our plate is full, but our cup runs over. 

My reality has looked a bit like this- oh and lots of zofran, B6, and Unisom.
 (I was not sick a day in my pregnancy with Emmaus- it is funny how different they can be!)

Yeah- healthy food choices I know- but you have to eat what will stay down at first. Excited for Trimester 2 and the hope of feeling much better.



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