Someone missed the "Be of good cheer memo"

Well our Christmas started something like this on Sunday with a sick feverish baby. 

By Christmas Eve she was feeling much better and excited to be with family, 

And open & play with her new gifts.
(Saying open may be kind of a stretch- she liked the Bows- that was about all the opening she did)

Christmas morning was a different story- she was back to feeling not so well and didn't understand why we thought wrapped toys would be at all appealing to her.
(She missed the "be of good cheer" message) 
At some point I snapped this picture- which is between frowns- and sobs- But non the less cute- and a fake "Happy Christmas Morning shot"

She quickly realized that underneath the wrapping were books- The girl LOVES a good book.
Apparently she also loves a good purse- 
And here she is after her second round of opening gifts-passed out among the Chaos.

This year we did christmas a little differently- We stuck to our budget, gave smaller gifts, gifts with meaning, received less- and it was AWESOME. Some still went a little overboard- but that happens. It was wonderful this year to focus on the reason for Christmas.
Currently I am watching Emmaus crawl across the floor to retrieve a Justin Bieber ornament she pulled off the tree. J.Biebs- inspiring girls across America- whatever it takes to get her moving!
A belated Merry Christmas to you all.



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