Lost shoe and army crawl

I really can't fathom that Christmas is 8 days away. The last half of November and December have pretty much slipped away from me completely. I have a honking to-do list and several gifts left to get/make before this weekend.
I started my christmas shopping last Thursday with a trip to the mall that truly was a loss overall. Literally. One of Emmaus' Stride Rite shoes that we use for her physical therapy fell out of the stroller and we COULD NOT FIND IT! We looked everywhere- traced our path, called all the stores we were in multiple times this weekend and still nothing. However, my grandma gave me money to buy her a new pair for christmas. It was frustrating cause of all the shoes we could have lost we lost the 48$ pair that we HAVE TO HAVE for therapy. Sigh- I guess that is life and in the grand scheme of things not a huge deal.
Anyway- enough of me lamenting about a lost shoe.
Happy girl at her friends "Dolly" birthday party
Miss Emmaus started army crawling this weekend! We are so excited. Forward motion has not happened from her yet and she loves that she could get toys in front of her! I couldn't get a good video but will post one when I do.
She also started pulling up to her knees in her crib- like she holds onto the side rails and pulls up so she is kneeling. Guess we need to lower the crib FINALLY!

First candy cane that I ate most of...
We had a fun weekend celebrating birthdays, seeing santa & just relaxing. I was a bit under the weather for most of it- but it still was a fun time!
I'm off to soothe my screaming child who is suppose to be napping and hopefully cross some things off my to-do list!



  1. That is so awesome! I am so excited that she is making such amazing progress since her surgery! We love you guys

  2. Cameron army crawled (hence the nickname "lobster"!) for some time before he crawled. Am so glad she is moving forward (haha!!!!)!
    LOve you!


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