I had a little epiphany last night at church. I saw a little boy crawling across the floor and it hit me! Emmaus has never been around a kid that is crawling- or at least not while we have been teaching her to crawl.
She does everything by imitation right now. She imitates our noises, she laughs when we laugh, she dances when she sees dancing, (I wish I could say she sleeps when we sleep) but my point is that I need to get her around some crawling kids! She is soooo close! And I think if she could just watch and see she may actually do it. Just a thought.
But then of course I started thinking about other things I want to be imitating for her. I  have been thinking a lot about how as parents we teach Emmaus about Jesus. He is such an important part of our lives and I know that her sweet little heart probably will not gravitate towards doing good, and following the Lord on it's own. (Cause we all tend to go astray) So how as a mommy do I teach her!? Though imitation I guess, through telling her about the goodness and the faithfulness of the Lord. To teach her to Love others really well- what a challenge, but a good one at that.
(We are also trying to teach her how to go to bed right now- the good old cry it out method- its killing us!)
Man this mommy thing is hard! But well worth it!



  1. We are in some CIO and night weaning over IS tough. Figure out what is best for you all and then stick too it (this is the hardest part for me)!

  2. Emmaus and Eisley should have a play date. =) Eisley is army crawling, but it's something lol. I don't think she'll ever crawl on her hands and knees. That kid is going to go straight to walking... but she gets around. =) we would love to hang out any time!

  3. You are so right - they really do learn by imitation! I have been having similar thoughts lately - wondering how do we go about teaching my son about Jesus, it's a daunting thought. I mean Sunday school is great but I want him to be learning at home too! I've started with little things lately - reading my bible while he is playing at my feet, we also bought him a toddlers rhyme bible so that he has his own version to read daily with us.

    Good luck with the bedtime thing - it's hard work, this sleep thing! I hope the little cutie figures it out soon for you guys :)


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