Today while at Walmart of all places I realized how abnormal our normal is. (Usually that is the place I go to feel completely vanilla and normal).  While checking out the lady behind us was talking to Emmaus and asked what happened to her head. To which I responded my standard "She had brain surgery a couple of weeks ago" but I guess that wasn't enough of an explanation and she asked, "but what happened?" and then I explained she had a tumor removed. And then of course I am sure you can imagine the face she made to me- as I'm sure she envisioned bald sick kids fighting for their lives against cancer. (Which clearly is not the type of tumor I was talking about, but lets be honest cancer is where my brain goes first too). People have been so kind and respectful of us during Emmaus' scary looking phase- we have heard some horror stories of things people say, but we have been very lucky I guess.
Anyway- Point is- Driving home I was thinking about how ABNORMAL our "normal" is. People who are very close to us or my friends from children's mercy who see much worse that what we handle every day seem to think our lives pretty normal- but in reality to a lot of people (aka those that don't have a kid with chronic illness, or spend their days working at a children's hospital) I guess some of the things we handle seem kinda weighty.

Speaking of normal- We are getting used to having 3 participants in our family- not just 2 (dan and I) and our little spectator. Emmaus now definitely a participant she has an opinion, a "comment" and wants to be a part of whatever we are doing.  She is into EVERYTHING. Today she spent about an hour un-decorating our christmas tree. She wants to eat what we are eating, if she is too close to the table, or a shelf in the store everything will be on the floor. She laughs when we laugh- she knows when she is funny. It is pretty much impossible to keep her entertained unless the dog is around for her to chase- And we are so thankful. (I mean she seriously just started fussing cause a commercial came on pandora- instead of a song...WOW)

The faithfulness of the Lord astounds me. And we welcome a little bit of "normal" in our lives. 
(Although I am quite sure swinging outside in short sleeves and no shoes in December is quite abnormal- but we will keep this weather too!)



  1. I am so happy that I am tearing up! Love her and love you!

  2. I love how normal your normal is becoming! (I mean, despite the huge scar and stitches and brain surgery) 18 month olds SHOULD be into everything! It's so wonderful to hear about Emmaus being the healthy version of herself. We are praying you have more and more days of undecorating the tree. Love you!


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