A message of hope on a horrible day.

Once about 8 months ago I lost faith. I lost hope. It was really a series of events and fear. 
There was a lot of fear involved. 
A young mother who is in our community lost pretty much everything. Her baby and then a few months later her husband to a freak illness and I was just overwhelmed by the misery of it all. 
And I was very afraid- afraid that if someone is given so many trials- maybe we will be given many as well- we already have a few on our list.  I didn't understand how God could just allow things to happen- horrible things- multiple things. 
Today again I am distraught by the state of the world. The brokenness. The saddness. The Loss. I hate that we live in a world were as parents we cannot send our kindergardeners to school without fear of them not returning to us that night. 
However- this time I am not hopeless. I have faith. Because I have learned a valuable lesson in the last 8 months. I have learned that the God I know and love created this world as a perfect place. That he created it to have community with human kind- but God gave us free will- and we chose "knowledge" over God.  He did not intend this brokenness, this sadness. This death. 
So yes this world is broken- it is so sad and beyond jacked up. But God sent his son Jesus in the form of a baby to be a human sacrifice for all that sad, crazy, evil the world is full of. Even though human kind chose knowledge over God- he still wanted to rescue us! 
And JESUS WILL RETURN. And while I can hardly stand the crazy, in this world. I can hardly stand that my very own daughter has challenges beyond what is "fair"- that people die, and people fail us. 
I know this-
God is faithful, 
He is good & 
He is coming back to rescue this world. 

So tonight as I tearfully write this post- overwhelmed by the state of the world. Heartbroken for the lives lost & the parents who have lost their most precious babies- I have hope. 
-Here it is from my daughters bible-

I pray this brings you hope- because it surely is truth. Whether you believe in God or not I promise he believes in you and wants you to know this hope tonight.



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