A little rant on Enough.

Why do I have 4 Ipods?! I mean seriously why? I originally got a 30g Ipod you know the old school one without the touch screen. Then I got a shuffle that was more practical to run with. Then I got a Ipod touch cause I couldn't live without it- and now I have upgraded to the iphone. I have thought about selling my ipod touch MULTIPLE times but haven't cause I might "need it" sometimes. ummm....okay.  (Cause that is never going to happen). I take my phone everywhere and use it instead and I use the old 30 gig at home cause it has the best music on it that I don't have anymore.

My closet is full of clothes. That I NEVER wear. Seriously- never.
Emmaus has more clothes that she needs. Just cause I like to buy clothes. (And its easier to buy them for her than for me!)

We have so much. We have enough- yet my american consumeristic heart always wants more. Pre-baby, two full time jobs, no house payment- all of these things were affordable- we never missed the money.
But now- we have a baby, a house, 1 full time job and one part time one & lots of expenses.

We have used Dave Ramsey's financial plan since we first got married. It has SAVED us financially- We don't have credit cards, have paid off dan's school loans, bought his car in cash and live within our means we truly have no debt besides our house and my car which is almost paid off.
However it did nothing to teach me about ENOUGH. 
Why is my appetite for stuff so big?

I have an overwhelming urge to purge. To get rid of stuff. Cause man it fills up our life, our space. Our hearts.
I am so excited for Christmas this year cause there is very little that I want, and even less that I need.
I went to look for Emmaus the other day and didn't find a single toy to buy her. She has so many toys. And the one thing I asked her grandma for was a Little People Nativity set. Because with the way this kid is loved it will be impossible for us to teach her that Jesus is the true reason for Christmas. And that toys aren't the main focus- I mean I see how it can be confusing! Cause she gets so much stuff.

I guess what I am saying is this mama is going to work on paring down. On having a heart that is full of life and not longing for the newest and greatest thing. On taking good care of what I have instead of just buying more.

Anyone want to buy an Ipod?!



  1. oooooh girl i hear you. i can't seem to stop shopping although my closet is bursting and i absolutely don't need ANYTHING... sheesh. one day i'll learn...


  2. Keep your Itouch. There are a ton of free educational games for baby chubs that you'll want in about a year. Also long car rides she can hold that thing in her chubby little hands and keep her entertained. Love Nikki


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