Prayer & Twilight- Yes the vampire series

Twilight and Prayer- (If you haven't read twilight and you are planning to see the movie this will be a spoiler so BEWARE!)

So I sometimes compare things in my life to the Twilight series.  During my labor with Emmaus I knew in my head if I "lost it" there would be no return and often thought about how Bella turned into a vampire without making a noise and I used her as my example- and although I made some sounds it was a very quite peaceful experience over all.  (Yep I know I used a fictional character in a fictional circumstance as my birthing example- its weird I get it)

If you have read Breaking Dawn (the last twilight book) you know that Bella has special powers to protect her family, to cover them with some sort of forcefield or something. The last part of the book speaks about how she just stretches it over them one by one reaching further and further until they are all taken care of.

Well sunday we had a prayer time at our church for Emmaus & us before church started. For the first part of it everyone prayed aloud at the same time. I know it might sound weird- but it was so cool to us.  To hear the collective prayer of a group of around 30 people all at the same time was so powerful. Dan and I both felt so "covered". I could hear and feel the words lifted to the Lord pouring over me, covering me. Stretching to the places of our deepest fears. Protecting our little one. Helping us let go and trust. The words dug deep into the ground around us and planted seeds of hope, springing into beautiful flowering vines that grew up to surround us.  I left that time in awe. Feeling hopeful. Knowing we are so very covered in prayer. Knowing that was the voice of 30 and there are so many more praying.

We are 2 days from surgery. By this time Thursday miss Emmaus will be in the operating room. And we are feeling a bit nervous- but hopeful.
(I about chased two nuns down in JoAnns to ask them to pray for her- a classic example of my nerves-  I was at JoAnns getting the back to a quilt that I decided last minute she MUST have for surgery- again nerves)
Turned out pretty stinking cute huh!?!

But we know this is the best road for Emmaus and so we are ready to walk it. We are hopeful for her future- and that big development and seizure freedom may come from the surgery.

We leave for St. Louis tomorrow AM.  She will have an MRI and Neurosurgery consult tomorrow.

I leave you with this little face. Cause it surely is a cute one! 



  1. Love you. Seriously. Our church will be praying for you. LOVE the quilt. Love her. Love you (did I say that?). Your twilight/labor story is hysterical. =) Peace, love.

  2. I have words!!! cuddlebunny, bubuous twinkie, and jinkies!


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