Yesterday (Monday) morning we got the go ahead that Emmaus' drain could be pulled out.  They pulled it out around 9 and the resident told us we would have to stay 24 hours before we could go home. We also got to see her incision for the first time...which is impressive! Bigger than I guessed!  Our neurosurgeon came in a few minutes later and said he thought Emmaus was doing so well there was no need for us to stay the full 24 hours and we could leave in the afternoon! WHAT A HUGE SURPRISE & RELIEF! We had a great day exploring the hospital with Emmaus in tow.  We had been in  double room all week and go out first roommate around 11 (another reason we are glad we got to go). Emmaus had a good day like expected and we were discharged around 3pm.Got home around 8:30.
I am up writing now because Emmaus is still up. This kid is funny when it comes to sleep (and by funny I mean exhausting).  But we are home, she did amazing this week & still is seizure free and that is worth losing a little sleep to sit up with my girl over!
We are currently watching baby einstein christmas- guess I should get back to it.
More tomorrow.



  1. That is awesome news! Hope the little miss recovers well. Enjoy being home :)


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