Happy STEAKSgiving!

I realized today I have been doing a pretty terrible job at keeping people updated now that we are back home. But I am guessing everyone understands since we have gotten home, had a holiday & are still recouping.
 Emmaus helping daddy top the tree!

 Me doing a little crafting to ease my stressed soul.

Emmaus is doing extremely well! She now has officially be seizure free for 9 days! This is exactly what we had hoped for! She is healing well and playing hard. Sleep has been a bit of an issue. She has slept well some nights, but then had some pretty bad ones too. Last night topped the charts! I thought I had gotten her to bed at 745- until she woke up at 9pm...guess it was just a cat-nap to fuel her energy till 430 when she finally fell asleep. So we are tired around here. The other concern I have is her head- she is still very swollen over where they did her bone flap (where they entered her brain). I would expect the swelling to be decreasing by now- but she is still very swollen. If this doesn't decrease some in the next couple days we will see about taking her back to St. Louis this week. She has no other signs of infection, or distress, or hydrocephalus (which is too much fluid on her brain)- but it still is kinda concerning.  Otherwise are are doing well! 
Her language skills have seem to exploded! She was saying "Dog" (dodog) before but now says it all the time when she see a dog- she also will say "rowrow" when you ask  her what a dog says. It seems she is narrating life- we have been doing this with her for a while to encourage language skills- but she now is doing it for herself- all in baby talk of course. 

 Emmaus with her Dodog. 

 Lounging this morning reading some good books.
Then today we got to meet baby Anna. Some of our dear friend's little girl. We are so excited to meet her! 

We are so thrilled with the results from Emmaus' surgery. We cannot wait to see how she will change and grow in the months to come. She is such a little blessing.
Well I am off to go enjoy STEAKSgiving with my family! Kinda like thanksgiving minus the turkey-add in the steak...



  1. Great news that she has been seizure free!! Praying she will continue to heal, the swelling will go down, and that y'all will be able to get more rest!

    Oh, and steak for Thanksgiving sounds way better to me than turkey! :-)


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