We are blown away by the goodness & faithfulness of the Lord. Last night at this time we had a room full of people praying for exactly what happened today.
1. That Emmaus would wake up and her head would be less swollen.
     - Check! It wasn't drastically less swollen- but the skin was not as tight and when touched her forehead kinda did the wave- so it was for sure less swollen.
2. That her CT would show no signs of hydrocephalus
     -Check! She definitely had fluid build up behind her skin, but her ventricles were normal sized! The Dr. was even surprised- but thrilled by this fact.
3. That she might not even need a drain so we could avoid a hospital stay.
     -Check! The Dr. decided it might be better just to "tap & wrap"- to Tap the fluid (stick a needle in her noggin and pull out the fluid - I asked to stay and watch cause I am so interested and they said no-boo!- they took 50mls out total.) And then Wrap her head tightly with a "compression dressing" to help her head not re-inflate & her skin re-adhere to her skull since it had been stretched a lot.
4. That she would absolutely not need a shunt!

Last night things weren't looking too good- and then overnight and a lot of expectant prayers later things are looking a whole lot better.

Sometimes when the road gets tough I fall into a hole and have trouble seeing out- I forget the faithfulness of the Lord- I forget the good things he has done for me- for our family. And although sometimes it takes a while (and definitely has been a learned practice) I now try to reach my head just out of the hole and look back down the road of the milestones of the Lord's faithfulness in my life.
And after a while I am ready to hoist myself out of the hole and keep walking down the tough road.

Today I have another milestone of faithfulness to add on my road- Tonight we should by all means be sitting in a hospital room tonight, with a drain and preparing for a shunt. And instead I am AT HOME writing my blog and watching this sweetness.
P.S. that is my hubby's arm not his midriff -hehe!-
Another funny pic from the day- I gave Emmaus a sucker after her procedure (caramel apple sucker-yum!) and I got this pic of her "smoking" it! haha!

We are so overwhelmingly thankful for the prayer warriors we have on our team. For the care we have received from all of you and the massive spread of "pray for Emmaus" and commitment to pray we have seen on Facebook and other social media sites.
It's amazing.
So soak in the Lord's faithfulness tonight!


  1. how can someone look so cute with her head all bandaged up like that? praying for more reasons to be thankful and proclaim God's faithfulness!

  2. Praise the Lord!!!! Tim and I are so happy :) Still praying for recovery, but rejoicing in triumphs!

  3. Glad to see she is doing better! God is good! Praying she stays seizure free and continues to heal!


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