Day 2 update- with lots of pictures

(This post has lots of pictures- so if the swolleness will bother you, just know they are coming)

It truly is incredible that just two days ago Emmaus had brain surgery. Kids recoup so fast.  Emmaus is doing very well! Last night I got to hold her for the first time, which was so good for my aching mama arms. 
Overall last night was a bit rough with Emmaus being pretty fussy and awake a lot. But today she woke up like her old self- (minus the seizures and her protest for sleeping). Her main problem today was that she was bored and wanted to play- wanted to move. 
However- she still has a ventricular drain, draining excess fluid from her brain- which in order to work correctly has to be level to her ear- making her ever changing positions quite a struggle. 
Luckily we had several visitors that made the day pass quickly and we both even got in a nap while grandma & grandpa kept the chubbs entertained. 
singing and shaking her arms to her favorite video

Emmaus has taken really great naps- I think that is the biggst thing I have noticed is REALLY different she is exhausted after playing, when normally she would just keep on going and refuse to sleep. 
Her drain was draining a whole lot (which helped keep down the swelling) so they changed the settings to make it drain less, however now the swelling is WAY worse. Kid looks like she got in a bar fight. 
We are praying we can get the drain out soon. It is really exhausting being in the hospital. 
I left with a friend to get dinner tonight and just take a break and as we were walking through a store I realized that my shoulders were killing me and that just relaxing them helped so much! I didn't even know I was tensing up. 
Emmaus & Emily -one of her (and my) favorite people- I know the pic is blurry, but I just love it cause they both look so happy (well Emily does, Emmaus is-but looks kinds like she is giving Emily the stink eye)
Emmaus still has had zero seizures since surgery. We are very excited about this and although seizure freedom is never a guarantee, we are excited with how she is doing so far. I am finding I am nervous to let myself believe this could be our new normal. But I really hope it is. 
I can't wait to get this girl home!



  1. Praise God! I am so so happy reading this right now! God is so GOOD, and I am so excited to see what he is doing in your lives.

    I will be praying that this is your new normal too. You all deserve some peace and rest.

    Love you guys!


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