Christmas shopping guide- giving TWICE!

You know it is going to be a good day when you eat a gourmet cupcake for breakfast- and I had coffee too- I always start my day with coffee. (one week till surgery- I think I have the right to cope with a cupcake for breakfast)

So I have been thinking a lot about Christmas. About how I want it to be more than just a fanfare of gifts, food & decor. 
I want to give back. We have been given SO MUCH this year- infact we have been given so much in life in general-

So why not give gifts that not only are fun to give, but that also help others.

Support small businesses. Support communities across the world, that are just learning to support themselves. Or how about supporting a family that is trying to bring home a baby?
Here are a few businesses, families, or ideas if you are interested.  (I am posting pics of my favorite items- I have expensive taste, but they all have things in a lot of price ranges)

(Gorgeous right?!?)

(A raffle to support an adoption- to win an american girl doll!) 

(This is an ETSY store where the proceeds go to TSC research!
They also do custom prints.)

*Hey Mom- I am pretty sure Emmaus may NEED these shoes- just saying*

So this year- think about giving twice! And shop early- so you have time to give meaningful gifts.


  1. Thanks for including us, Laurisa! Praying for you and Dan and your girl. Baby 'Maus, All Better!!

  2. That necklace is gorgeous!!!! You've picked some lovely unique items here!


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