Alien Head

I just wanted to give a quick update on the girl child. She is doing very well- playing lots, verbalizing lots and best of all STILL SEIZURE FREE!  However- we have also run into a little complication. Since Thanksgiving Emmaus' swelling has increased instead of decreased. I guess technically it's not swelling. She has a pocket of fluid build up at her craniotomy site. Basically due to "debris" or blood from the tumor removal she seems to not be reabsorbing her cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) completely.  So fluid has begun to leak out of her bone flap (craniotomy site) and is collecting under her skin.

She looks like an big old Alien head on the left side. 

Her not reabsorbing fluid could be a temporary thing (Please Jesus) but could also be more permanent. We would love your prayers that it is temporary and it clear up quickly- while she makes a cute Alien- it can have more seriously complications and need some pretty serious interventions.  So we are just waiting at this point to see what happens. On a positive note she has NO other symptoms of hydrocephalus (the technical name for the more seriously issue) so we are encouraged by that.

And just so I'm not leaving you with the Alien head picture- one of my very much "morning girl" blabbering away with me at breakfast



  1. praying! Love that little noggin!

  2. Oh poor baby!! Is it painless at least? Sending lots of positive thinking your way!


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