Zombies, Germies and J.Biebs

Sometimes I am afraid of irrational things. Like when I get called into work at night and have to leave my house after dark I like to be safely locked in my car BEFORE I open the garage door. It might see a little odd. But there is just something very vulnerable about opening the garage door before I am safely locked in my car. Truth be told I am not scared of the "bad guys" I am scared of the ZOMBIES. ( Remember....I started with admitting my fear was IRRATIONAL). I once read this book called World War Z which is very realistic (minus the zombies). Anyway since then, I am kind scared of being alone outside of my safe house in the dark.
And then there are real fears- like germs (I am totally unafraid of germs normally). However- ever since Emmaus' last bought with sickness I have been a bit paranoid about her getting sick again before surgery. Normally I am all "bring on the sickness" believing it is good for your immune system- but not right now. And here we are with her starting to get sick again. If you are a prayer pray RIGHT NOW that it stops. We really want to keep our surgery date and not have to reschedule due to sickness.

And there there is Justin Bieber. How is he related to this conversation?! Well I don't really know- but I got to go see his concert with some very fun friends this weekend. It was very loud- due to the crazy screaming teens- but so so fun. It was the PERFECT pre-surgery therapy for this mama. I got to get all dolled up,  have a great girls night and dance all my stress away. (P.S. every joint/muscle in my body is sore from the dancing that took place...or maybe it was the staying out till 2am...I don't know which did more damage.)
Our Jr. High girls Bathroom pose- so excited for the show!

Are you going to keep reading now that I have admitted my zombie fear and J.Biebs love?
It's okay either way. Honesty- that is what you get around here.



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