uhhhmmmmm what?! That cray cray.

Today was a lovely day huh? Fall weather was happening big time in my part of the world. My bestie treated me to a pedicure- and then we pigged out on Thai Place appetizers which never fail to disappoint. 
It was a wonderful kid-free afternoon. 

Mmmmkay- Also let us talk about this craziness. 
This is our bill from our recent trip to St. Louis- I won't get into the room cost, or EEG part but the $741.00 Pharmacy charge is for about ummmm max $10.00 worth of meds- the really expensive one that cost 83$ a day for WE PROVIDED FOR THEM. So no joke the pharmacy portion seriously would have cost us 10$ max at home.
This is part of the problem with our country- I won't get all political on you- cause honestly I don't care about politics but this is CRAZY- and I think we all can agree on that. 
Word to Big Bird- Oh wait- I hear that is a political statement as of this morning.


Disclaimer- the above amount is covered by insurance (thank the Lord) so no need to send us Gobs of money. (Unless you really want to...I kid I kid)


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