I have been racking my brain over what to make Emmaus for halloween. I am a big fan of homemade costumes. It just seems they are so much better than store bought- Plus I LOVE creating, crafting, and ending up with a finished product I can be proud of.  And this year...I've got nothing. Which is disappointing cause it's only her second halloween! And I only have one child to think of a costume for. But I just don't have the energy or mental creativity to think of something cute and make-able.
She was the cutest little octopus last year!

All of my jeans are too tight...all of them. For a while I refused to buy new ones thinking I would just loose a few lbs and be fine. But even though the number on the scale has gone down...they still don't fit.
So I came to a cross-roads this weekend.
I bought a halloween costume...AND I bought some new jeans.  (Both from savers mind you).
You see I could find the energy to come up with a costume...but at what cost? And what would I have to give up to make the time to make one?
And Although I wish I was in the shape I was this time last year... I'm not.
My life has been very stressful in the last few months, and I haven't gotten to work out like I used to. I haven't gotten to eat like I used to. And so I can beat myself up about it- or I can just buy some jeans that fit so I can focus on my life. (And not have to wear sweats everywhere I go)
So I'm giving myself a break. Grace- I think it is called grace. Where I will eat the healthiest I can, go to jazzercise when I can and just do the best I can.
Cause that's all I can do. And it's just not worth beating myself up over.



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