Love is in the hand holding.

So sleep depravation is a form of torture. I think that is why I have felt so crazy lately. 
You see, the last TWO count them TWO nights I have sleep most of the night (Thank you miss Emmaus).  I feel like a new woman.
 Like I can do anything. Its amazing what a little sleep can do for a person. 
Emmaus is feeling a bit better- Dan is feeling a bit worse- 
he seriously went to bed at 645...yep he is sick.
But miss Emmaus has been so sweet the last few days. Wanting to snuggle her mommy, wanting to hold my hand.  It makes the hard stuff worth it. It is light when we have had a lot of dark days lately.
 It is lovely. 

And then there is this Epic hair. I usually comb it, or put it in pig tails, or something. But truth be told it was such a victory of her sleeping the night before I just left it all day. Cause it made me happy. 
I love that sweet crazy hair'd girl.



  1. I LOVE the new blog layout!!! Seriously, so you!! And I love this post, and the little bit of your house that I can see in the background:) Best of all, I love that little girl...hugs and kisses to you guys<3

  2. Love the hair! Glad to hear she is feeling better but bummer to Dan be down for the count now! Praying over you all always

  3. On days that we sleep through the night I like to say "There'll be no stopping me today!" I love that feeling, and I love that you got two nights! Yay!

  4. Hey Girl. I needed to get on here and leave you some love. I was checking my blog the other day and could see that like, 110 people looked at a really emotional post and no one commented. I got super frustrated and then thought- hmm, I read Laurisa's allll the time and never leave a comment. SO, here I am. Just wanted you to know we have been praying hard for you and will continue. I read "I will carry you" by Angie Smith after we miscarried and it was AMAZING. I found out she wrote another book- "What Women Fear" that she wrote more recently and just finished it this weekend. GO GET IT. It is sooo good. Everything we fear as women and mommas and Christians who can't stop fearing that, deep down inside, we are scared God might not have it all under control. I'm not saying you feel that way, but sometimes it creeps in with me, amen?! I think the Lord brought you to mind while I was reading it so that I would let you know about it- I hope it blesses you! Love you, girl!


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