A word or two about my job

I work in a free-standing birth center. A beautiful place where midwives help women do what their bodies were designed naturally to do. I am surrounded by women daily who feel empowered to give birth naturally. To trust their bodies, feel safe in their surroundings and lean on the support of other women. 
People are often shocked that after working in a hospital I "believe in" or "work at" an out of hospital birthing facility. 
But it is truly the most amazing job. It is such an honor to serve our mothers. To empower them. To reassure them.  To stand in the gap when the doubt creeps in. To help them become mothers, or become mothers again.
People often elude to screaming out of control mothers- when speculating about my job. But truth be told that is the exception-not the standard. 
Our mothers are incredible. 
They surrender to their bodies, to what naturally is happening (even if it feels unnatural) and let it happen. Most have calm, well controlled BEAUTIFUL births. 
I daily am learning from these women. 
Even using these lessons in my daily life. 
I have to to surrender daily to what my life's circumstances are. I have to be calm (yes even through impending brain surgery of the little one) even when things feel unnatural or like I can't get through them. There is beauty all around me. Beauty in our circumstances, in our sweet little girl, in the generosity and support that we are being surrounded with. 
Tonight I can't help but love my job- and love that it is constantly teaching me. That it is constantly making me grow. 
I love helping and empowering our mamas, but truth be told- they are really doing the same for me. 



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