A story about provision on a monday morning.

This morning I got a bonus day- I didn't get called in last night so I don't have to sleep today~ But I had a babysitter already so I went to jazzercise kid free and then to starbucks to have a few minutes of alone time. So a guy at starbucks bought my drink just cause "he wanted me to have a happy monday". YEAH, THAT'S AWESOME.
So I got to thinking.
I have just been overwhelmed with the blessings we have received in the last few weeks. 
People have brought meals, groceries, we have been well taken care of. 
The other day a grandma- age lady at the thrift store I was at bought a bunch of fall clothes for Emmaus. Just cause she wanted to. 
(My bff is the ultimate thrifter- its kinda crazy- and while I cannot stand thrift stores, I find a ton of great clothes for Emmaus there, and since kids grow so fast they are HARDLY worn. Its awesome...and cheap!) 

And more awesome than clothes or starbucks is this. 
I have been freaking out about our unpaid time off for Emmaus' surgery. My work does not have PTO, and Dan has used all of his for the year so we are both taking unpaid time off for her surgery, then I will take two week off after for her recovery. And well that is one of our incomes that is down for the count for the month. I was trying to find a way to work some weekends, or something. Even though I knew I should just be home. 
Well a family friend felt that they wanted to give to us, help us with medical bills, ect and they      unknowingly gave the exact amount as our unpaid time off.
The day we got their letter and the check they sent I journaled this from Ephesians 3
"To him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we could ask or imagine...to him be the glory...forever and ever amen." 
Then I wrote 
I hope in the Lord to provide

It is humbling and a lesson in graceful acceptance to need help.
But we are so grateful. It has made us more generous. It has made us more aware of those people around us that need help. 

Thank you Lord for your constant provision in our lives. 



  1. I love reading your journey and seeing how our God works in the day to day and shows up.


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