The one with medical mumbo jumbo

So that last post really should have been titled LITTLE SCREAMER. 
Cause it wasn't really crying it was screaming for LOTS OF DAYS IN A ROW. 
We ended up in the ER on Friday night at 230am. 
Turns out she is constipated and very gassy- gas pain truly hurts so much so I now understand the screaming. 
All the white below her ribs is poo. 
(She was pooing daily so I never thought of constipation as an explanation for all the screaming)
They did a couple things in the ER to help her out and she is back to her old sweet self. 
(Please never come back crazy screaming version of Emmaus- Mommy can't handle it!) 

Speaking of screaming and hosptials! We head to St. Louis this afternoon to be admitted to St. Louis Children's tomorrow morning. This is part of us deciding if brain surgery is an option. She will be hooked up to an EEG and video recorded for 48hours. This will show if all the seizures she is having are coming from the same tubor and if it can be taken out.  It doesn't hurt, but she has never liked the leads going onto her head much. 
 Then she will get a fancy turban to wear for a few days! 
 She has had the short version of this experience several times (pictured above) but this is our first hospital stay for a long version. 
Her meds have been working well and she has not been seizing lately and well for once we want her to. We decreased them and today she had her first seizure! I have never been so happy to see that girl seize. (Twisted sounding I know). We are hoping for a couple while we are there.  Just thought I would update so my next post from a hospital room wouldn't freak people out. 
Wish us luck with our teeny hospital room, cafeteria food, and hooked up child in the next few days! 


  1. Ooooh man. You guys are heroes. As one who has dealt with much constipation and painful gas recently (thank you, pregnancy), I'm really feeling Emmaus' pain. So sorry it had to end with an x-ray :( and that some challenging tests are coming up. Does St. Louis have a good Child Life Program to help her cope? Praying for you these next couple of days!


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