The Emmaus Road

There are times when at 3 am I cannot help but get up and write. My spirit is so on fire with the thoughts in my head and my mind will not rest until my fingers dance across the keys of my computer and type them out.
Tonight is one of those nights. 

Today is a day of hope for us. 
Where we will gather with our friends and families and walk for our little girl.
We will walk because at 15 months she cannot yet. 
We will walk because we know there is hope. 
Because Research matters.
Because Tuberous Sclerosis Complex is a diagnosis she has... but not a limitation on her future. 
I am excited for the funds that we have raised that will go towards research. Towards finding a cure. 

This morning, I am already overwhelmed with the support and community we have, that has held us up so well through these trials.

This is our story.
You can donate HERE.

I don't really care if you donate, just wanted to share the link incase. I would however like for you to share our story. 
Our story is a story of HOPE. And in this world there is a shortage of hope.
If you have social media, or a blog or a friend share our story today. Post our video, link back to this blog post. Just today- Share Emmaus' story. Emmaus' hope.

We have not walked this journey alone for a single day. We knew we would need help along the way. Today is a physical representation of our ever present support. 
Of our journey as we walk THE EMMAUS ROAD.



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