Lil cryer

My child has pretty much been crying since Tuesday. Well I guess more accurately since midnight Thursday morning. She was grumps all week and now she is just mad, and angry, and I am guessing sick. 
And getting 4 teeth. RUDE teeth...Just RUDE

It used to be if we held her she would stop crying. And now she is just crying. Its gonna be a long day around here. 
This is back in the "if I hold you, you won't cry stage"
she is also rocking a "flock of seagulls"  hairdo
In another note- did anyone else get the I phone upgrade software? Anything you love about it so far?
Just curious- trying to find something to occupy my mind so I don't go crazy with all the crying. 

Also- 'Call me maybe' so frickin catchy- and annoying when it gets stuck in your head.
(P.S. Parenthood really is wonderful (and hard) even with this crazy crying- and yes she has been to the doctor.) 
Well- better get back to the crying. 


  1. Such a sad face! Sorry Laurisa! Sick babies make everyone grumpy. :( And I think that Call Me Maybe might be my new guilty pleasure. I love that song. Not even ashamed to admit it. So maybe it's my not-so-guilty pleasure song. Hope Baby 'Maus feels better asap!


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